When I walked into Taylor Sheridan‘s hotel room to record this podcast I felt like I’d interrupted something important. There were different shirts lined across the bed and a rack of other options and jackets on hangers that had been rolled into the room. As his fashion stylist and her two assistants hurriedly made their way out they jumped on the phone to request one change or another. This is all because their client is a top nominee at three awards shows over the next 10 days, the WGA Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards and, the most important of all, the Academy Awards. A unique trifecta if you can land it and lots of high profile red carpets to walk.

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Sheridan, who is nominated in the Original Screenplay category for “Hell or High Water,” has had a busy couple of months. Following ‘Hell”s release in August he returned to the editing room for his directorial debut, “Wind River,” which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to mostly positive reviews.  At the same time, “Soldado,” the sequel to his screenwriting breakout “Sicario,” which he also wrote, began production. And through all the awards circuit events (and there are many), he admits he took a polish gig on a studio screenplay just to be creative and distract himself from it all. But, with the Oscars only days away ‘Hell”s journey is coming to an end and he has a lot more on deck this year before ‘River’ and “Soldado” hit  theaters.

We discussed his experiences over the past six months, his future in Hollywood, his thoughts on Sundance and what’s next in a podcast you can listen to in the Soundcloud embed below or on iTunes. If you do listen on iTunes please rate, subscribe and share it with your friends!

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