There was so much great TV this year that I’m a bit ashamed, as The Playlist team determined our 30 Best TV Shows Of 2016, that I forgot about and didn’t argue for “The Path.” Hulu‘s series deserves more eyes, with the drama giving “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul another great small-screen role. And with season two coming, it’s a good time to catch up.

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Also featuring Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monaghan, who also give solid turns, the drama centers around the Meyerist Movement, a new age-meets-Scientology-style cult, and in the first season, we saw Paul’s Eddie Lane question his faith and break from the group. And it looks like he’s in recovery, while his wife remains a dedicated follower, leading to conflict and danger. I’m already in, and I hope the show grabs some new viewers along the way.

“The Path” returns to Hulu on March 30th.