Filmmaker Angus MacLachlan has a good history with the Tribeca Film Festival. Back in 2014, MacLachlan’s debut film — the divorce dramedy “Goodbye to All That” — was a hit with the Tribeca jury members and crowds alike, garnering a Best Narrative Feature nomination as well as a Best Actor win for star Paul Schneider. Now, three years later, MacLachlan is back at the festival with “Abundant Acreage Available,” his film about a pair of rural siblings dealing with the loss of their father.

In this exclusive clip, Tracy (Amy Ryan) and Jesse (Terry Kinney) argue over how best to honor their father’s memory, with Tracy wanting to bury him on his beloved property and Jesse angling for a more traditional burial. The clip hints at a broader exploration of grief and how you try and reconcile the past when the future’s what matters most.

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Here’s the full plot synopsis for “Abundant Acreage Available”:

From writer/director Angus MacLachlan and Executive Producer Martin Scorsese, “Abundant Acreage Available” tells the story of a family in flux. Still reeling over the recent death of their father, brother and sister Jesse & Tracy are attempting to settle into their new lives in his absence. Their quiet and simple existence is unexpectedly disrupted by the sudden arrival of three mysterious brothers, camping on their land and possessing a surprising connection to their family farm. The two sets of siblings are set on a direct collision course that will change all of their lives, for better or for worse. Tackling complicated issues of family legacies, and anchored by an amazing set of performances, the film is a brilliant showcase for all involved.

“Abundant Acreage Available” had its world premiere last week at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival; you can find the full calendar of showings at the festival’s website.