Andrew Garfield has hit many peaks (and valleys) in his career, from doing big, mega-blockbuster movies (“The Amazing Spider-Man“) to working with Martin Scorsese (“Silence“), but things didn’t always work out for the young actor. It seems at one point in his career, he was keen on playing the titular character in “The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian,” but he didn’t have the right stuff, or more accurately, the right face.

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“I really wanted to play…This is so silly. There was a ‘Narnia’ movie. The ‘Prince Caspian‘ film…,” he told Entertainment Tonight (via CBS8). “Ben Barnes ultimately got it. Ben Barnes, I’ll get ya! No, I really just wanted that part… I think the feedback was ‘he’s not handsome enough.’ What can you do? Hey, I’m not handsome enough for Prince Caspian.”

Well, it worked out well for Garfield in the end, as he was cast in David Fincher‘s “The Social Network” and the rest is history. And maybe it was for the best he didn’t get the part, as the movie wasn’t so well-received anyway. And it certainly would’ve put the actor on a different path that would have seen him miss out on two different awards-season movies this fall: “Silence” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”