When “Archer” started out, it was a standard, but very funny, animated spy spoof. However, recent seasons have seen the creators throw out the narrative rule book and play freely with all kinds of genres. Season 5 saw the titular agent and his crew head to Florida for “Miami Vice” style shenanigans, while season 7 saw them cross the country to California. And now, season 8, dubbed “Archer: Dreamland,” has them going noir.

Set in 1947, the show will revolve around Archer’s hunt for the murderer of Woodhouse, with Malory as a big-time mobster, Lana as a nightclub performer, Cyril and Pam as detectives, and Cheryl as an expectedly oddball client who hires Archer to murder her. So, yes, this sounds amazing.

“Archer: Dreamland” debuts on April 5th on FXX.