Justin Kurzel has followed an interesting career path so far. Following his breakout film “The Snowtown Murders,” he jumped into two very different pictures starring Michael Fassbender: the moody, Shakespeare adaptation “Macbeth,” and the massive tentpole “Assassin’s Creed.” The former was an interesting expansion of Kurzel’s skills, while the latter found him a bit lost in the blockbuster machine. But now he’s going back to his more modest roots with a picture that’s already causing a frenzy in Hollywood.

Kurzel has signed up to direct “Ruin.” Penned by Matt and Ryan Firpo, the film will tell the story of an ex-Nazi captain who hunts down former member of his SS Death Squad amidst the rubble of post-WWII Germany. Damn, that sounds like quite the premise, and it’s not a big surprise this one is already causing some buzz.

It’ll be interesting to see which studio this project lands at, but it’s nice to see Kurzel hasn’t been derailed too badly by the flop of “Assassin’s Creed.” He’s a great talent and this sounds like the perfect project for him to really show people what he’s got. [The Tracking Board]