Happy holidays, happy Festivus, merry Christmas, happy Kwanzaa, happy Hanukkah and whatever holiday you celebrate. We hope you have a really good one. We wanted to take this time to thank you for your patronage this year. 2016 has been a rough one for everyone, and that includes us. We love to ask: If you enjoy The Playlist, please continue to share our content. It keeps us going and lets us have our own happy holidays.

As you’ve probably seen, for yet another year, we’ve carpet-bombed our readers with a shit-ton of #BestOf2016 coverage, but we personally love doing them, love being comprehensive, and we hope you feel like they’re worthy pieces, too. We figured you might need some holiday reading over the break, so why not collate all our content in one place? Perfect. Here it all is, every piece of #BestOf2016 content we’ve written so far. Keep in mind there will be about three additional features after the holiday break. And then you can stay tuned for some #MostAnticipated2017 coverage, though note — our famous 100 Most Anticipated Films Of 2017 has already run and we hope you’ve read and shared. We digress. Here’s all our #BestOf2016 feature below. Again, thanks for your patronage and thanks for reading.

The Best Films Of 2016

The Worst Films of 2016

The 25 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2016

The 25 Best 2016 Films You Might Not Have Seen

The Best & Worst Moments, Scenes, Odds & Ends And More Of 2016

The Most Overrated & Underrated Films Of 2016

The Best TV Shows Of 2016

The Best Horror Films Of 2016

The Best Performances Of 2016

The Best Documentaries Of 2016

The Best Cinematography Of 2016

The Best Action Sequences Of 2016

The Best Soundtracks & Scores Of 2016

The Best Breakthrough Performances of 2016

The Best Breakthrough Directors Of 2016

The Best Trailers Of 2016

The Best Posters Of 2016

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Top 10 Lists

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