Now that’s a freaking Grammy show. It was even more political than we thought it would be, featured already legendary performances and ended with a controversial win that still has people up in arms. The telecast might have been over 3 ½ hours long, but it continues to prove why it’s often is the most entertaining awards show of the year. And if you didn’t watch, boy, you missed out.

Here’s a run down of the best and worst of a historic night for music.

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Best and Worst: James Corden
Corden was a fantastic Tony Awards host, but some of his humor seemed to get lost in the vastness of the 20,000-seat arena. The intro number simply didn’t work. It actually seemed at first like there was a legitimate problem with his lift from below the stage and then the fumbling out of control number seemed way to familiar. His rap was fine, but not good enough to impress this crowd. He had two good moments though. The first was the “Sweet Caroline” cardboard Carpool Karaoke bit where Blue Ivy randomly joined the fun and the second was his joke about the folding chairs on the arena floor. He tried to improv as he went along, but the bit where he took his pants off like Twenty One Pilots did felt way too obvious. Was he better than L.L. Cool J? Absolutely. Should CBS book him next year? We’re not so sure. Maybe give him a year off and let someone else take the reigns and come back refreshed in 2019.

Best: Twenty One Pilots takes their pants off because they said they would
Sometimes the most unexpected moments are the best and when Twenty One Pilots stood up from their chairs after being announced as winners of the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Grammy they, um, took their pants off. Walking on stage in their boxer briefs and socks they explained that a few years ago they were watching the Grammys with friends in Ohio in their underwear still dreaming of even making it as legit musicians. And they told themselves “If we ever win a Grammy we should receive it just like this. You could be next. Watch out! Anyone from anywhere can do anything!” Their decision could have come off an attention-seeking joke, but instead became a unique rallying cry. (Full disclosure: I watched the Grammys with my gym shorts on.)

Best: The Weeknd with Daft Punk
You might have forgot about it hours afterward, but The Weeknd and Daft Punk sang a medley of “I Feel It Coming” and “Starboy.” It was just the three of them on stage with the Daft Punk duo in their familiar helmets, but The Weeknd is such a phenomenal live singer that it totally worked.

Best: Blue Ivy
Boy, she is her mother and father’s daughter. She adorably crashed James Corden’s audience Carpool Karaoke bit (much to the delight of participant Jennifer Lopez), loved dancing to Bruno Mars and was the perfect reaction shot to her momma winning Best Urban Contemporary Album. Those kids they sure do grow up fast.

Worst: Lady Gaga and Metallica
Sure, Metallica front man James Hetfield’s mic had major problems, but the band’s duet with Lady Gaga simply felt forced. The performance of “Moth to the Flame” was filled with heavy metal clichés, clichés that Gaga usually avoids even when she crosses over into a different genre. Yeah, she jumped into a tiny mosh pit and her vocals were on point, but this was nowhere near as good as her Super Bowl performance last weekend. Even worse, in a show where Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and A Tribe Called Quest kicked ass it was… forgettable.

Best: Rihanna
Strangely, Rihanna was shut out of the winners circle this year, but her reactions to the show from the audience were priceless. She was caught adjusting her pants during Beyonce’s acceptance speech, giving tepid applause to Ed Sheeran’s performance, pulled out her flask (!) during the telecast and then was caught saying “I think it’s time for another shot” and then taking  swig. Never change Ri, never change.

Best: Chance the Rapper
Chance surprised Sunday night winning a number of Grammys over major competition including Drake and Kanye West as well as taking Best New Artist, but it was his inspiring performance of “How Great”/ “All We Got” with Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann and Francis and the Lights was epic. Even if you’re an atheist like me.

Worst: Technical difficulties
Considering how many performers grace its stage the Grammys are not known for sound or mic problems. In fact, music industry pros usually snicker at the Oscars or Emmys over the recurring problems they seem to have with live performances every few years. 2017 was different. Something was clearly wrong with Adele’s mic at the beginning of “Hello.” Katy Perry was having ear trouble at the beginning of “Chained to the Rhythm,” we mentioned James Hetfield’s problems and Adele, again, seemed to have something screw up her feedback at the beginning of the George Michael tribute which made her restart. Incredibly uncharacteristic of the Grammy telecast and you can bet the Recording Academy are not happy about it.

Best: CeeLo Green’s Gold Outfit Memes
CeeLo won the Grammys red carpet this year with a body gold number that quickly became an epic meme as the show progressed. If only the Recording Academy had gotten him to present on stage.

Worst: Bee Gees tribute
What a waste of a Bee Gees tribute. It started with Demi Lovato who was handed weak ass choreography and a terrible wig as she belted “Staying Alive,” was followed by Tori Kelly on guitar (not sure why) for “Tragedy” sounding like a top 6 “Voice” performance and included Little Big Town singing “How Deep Is Your Love” like a Las Vegas opening act at an off-strip casino. It was almost saved by Andra Day singing “Night Fever,” but by then it was simply too late. At least Barry Gibb seemed to enjoy it.