David Fincher + Netflix? Good lord, just give it to us right now.

While Fincher’s efforts at HBO — “Utopia” and “Videosyncrazy” — went nowhere, the director’s latest dive into small screen fare found a welcome home at Netflix, which makes sense considering they also launched “House Of Cards.” And “Mindhunter” looks like it’s going to land right in the wheelhouse of Fincher fans, or anyone looking for something beyond your average procedural.

Asif Kapadia, Tobias Lindholm, and Andrew Douglas join Fincher behind the camera for this series, co-produced by Charlize Theron, and based on John Douglas and Mark Olshaker‘s non-fiction book, “Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit,” which follows Douglas’ work as an FBI profiler tracking serial killers. As for the plot details of the series, nothing has been revealed just yet.

“Mindhunter” arrives in October, which means along with “Stranger Things,” you might not leave your house until November.

  • terrygrant

    Seems kind of ‘HANNIBAL minus Hannibal himself’, but that could just be the Fincher dust sprinkled all over the trailer. Does the book read that way?