With films like “Split” and “Get Out,” Blumhouse is having a great 2017 on the big screen. For the past decade, Jason Blum and his production company have made a name for themselves by financing micro-budget genre films that have gone on to become box office hits, spawning numerous horror franchises. Well, it looks like Blumhouse has their sights set on the small screen now, and they’re bringing one of their cash cow franchises along with them.

According to Deadline, Blumhouse signed a new deal that will allow them to finance and develop their own television series, and they’re starting with a new series based on the hit big screen franchise, “The Purge.” Not much is known about how they’ll translate the film series to the small screen, but its being reported that they’ll develop the series concurrently with new films that will be released theatrically. The series is being developed for USA and Syfy.

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“The Purge” films tell the story of the annual Purge event. In an alternate history, the United States government was radically changed and the “New Founding Fathers” created a new holiday where for 12 hours all crime is legal, including murder. Each film has been radically different from their predecessor, taking a new angle on the annual event, with the last film having a political satire feel.

Along with “The Purge,” Blumhouse is also producing a limited series for Showtime focusing on infamous Fox News head Roger Ailes. “Secure and Hold: The Last Days of Roger Ailes” tells the story about the controversy surrounding the media mogul and is being developed by “Spotlight” director Tom McCarthy. Frightening.