You don’t make one of the greatest scenes in film history by accident. In a classic film defined by no shortage of extraordinary moments, the brilliance behind the fatal mid-way dinner sequence in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” is a stand out. It’s tension-filled and wonderfully crafted — beautifully shot, expertly directed, precisely acted, the compliments don’t come mildly. And you can watch that brilliance come together in “The Godfather: Sollozzo Death – Script to Screen Analysis,” from Vimeo’s Glass Distortion, which takes the scene, and combines it with Coppola’s keen screen notes, to showcase how such a masterful, deftly-handled sequence came into cinematic history.

Those who have watched the scene know how it goes, and those who haven’t owe it to themselves to see it breathe on its own — much like the rest of the film. Still, in its Hitchcock-esque attention to suspense, character and detail, Coppola shaped a sequence that prides itself on the ordinary, often allowing us to see the bubbling extraordinary. It’s a stunning scene that rightfully gets shown in nearly every film class everywhere. Meticulous in its design, and neatly particular in its personality, location and stunning frankness, this moment is made all the more marvelous and noteworthy (pun mildly intended) by this video. If you haven’t seen “The Godfather,” change that when you get the chance. If you have seen the film, however, make sure to see the video breakdown provided below. It’s a classic for a reason.