Ever since NBC cancelled the much-loved series “Hannibal,” the series creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller has been doing everything to find a new home for the cast and continuing to tell the story of Hannibal Lecter. While no other networks stepped in to save the show, last year, Fuller teased two options for the future of “Hannibal: a feature film, or a miniseries based on “The Silence Of The Lambs.” And it seems like that latter option is looking like a possibility.

In a chat on Shock Waves podcast (via Indiewire), Fuller reveals that the final episode of the third season of “Hannibal” wasn’t designed to be a series-ender, and that the idea for a new take on “The Silence Of The Lambs” is closer to reality that you might think.

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“I think the film adaptation is a perfect film, but there’s a lot of interesting nooks and crannies to explore in a television series. I hope we get to tell the story,” he said of the Thomas Harris book that was made into Jonathan Demme‘s masterful 1991 movie. And with the rights to the source material becoming available in August 2017, Fuller is dreaming of using it as a vehicle to bring back his incarnation of Hannibal Lecter that many thought was gone too soon.

“I think, ideally for the cast, it would be as a mini-series, here and there. Let’s do 6 to 8 episodes of that, and 6 to 8 episodes over here. And do it as an irregular thing,” he said.

It seems Fuller is already planning for the hurdles it’ll take to get Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, and everyone else back in front of cameras, give how busy they all are. But a mini-series sounds like a perfect format to tell a contained story, and one that as Fuller suggests, will explore threads that Demme didn’t follow in his film.

For now, this is hardly close to happening, but Fuller certainly hasn’t taken his eye off the show. Thoughts? Tell us if you’ve made your peace with “Hannibal” or if you’re ready for another meal. Listen to the full podcast below.

  • Jorgen P

    I’m sorry but you say towards the top of the article “…is closer to reality that you might think” but then at the end you write “…this is hardly closer to happening…” I don’t think those ideas can coexist for the same article subject.

    • bathshebasrobe


  • GreenBlue1

    The first season was fantastic, the second season was a masterpiece, and the third season was ridiculous self-parody. Far to slow and abstract to stomach, the second half picks up a bit but not enough to save it. I feel like the fandom had a really negative impact on it, with Fuller incorporating the “hannigram” fan-fiction into the show. After the amazing finale of the 2nd season, I was excited to see Will hunt down Hannibal – not say he forgives him and contemplate their love for each other.

    If the show continues, hopefully they get back to what made the series so great in the first place, but I don’t know if there’s any redeeming Will’s character at this point.

  • snadee ayk

    I loved that Bryan Fuller incorporated so much of the books into the show while giving us something so original at the same time. The love and sexual tension between Hannibal and Will Graham was hypnotic. I fell in love with both of them and I would love to see their story continue!