Everybody’s favorite man with a very particular set of skills is back. This time, you get to stay at home while you watch him beat up bad guys, and also, it’s not going to be Liam Neeson. NBC is rebooting “Taken” as a TV series, and they just released the first trailer. Not so surprisingly, someone gets taken.

The premise of the “Taken” films just wouldn’t work as a TV show, and NBC understands this. You can’t have badass Bryan Mills, this time played by Clive Standen, save a new member of his family every season. Nope, their master plan is to kill Bryan Mills’ daughter and have him join an elite group of badasses who retrieve other people’s daughters who were taken by bad guys. See? Different!

Like most modern trailers, the action montage is accompanied by a slowed down version of a popular hit song. This time, R.E.M. gets the choral treatment. Honestly, if you’re interested in a TV series based on “Taken,” then this trailer hits all the right notes.

“Taken” will premiere on February 27th. [ComingSoon]

  • suitablecustard

    Something easy for NBC to slide on the cancellation block this spring (if it even lasts that long).

    Even if it weren’t using the Taken franchise as a base, the premise still seems dull.