Netflix sure loves their data (except when it comes to sharing it with other people), and I wouldn’t be surprised that the decision to move ahead with this next project might be due to the numbers they might be seeing on the people watching “Archer” and/or “Sausage Party.”

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Channing Tatum has been tapped for the lead voice role in “America: The Motion Picture,” where he’ll play George Washington in a revisionist, and probably salty, R-rated movie. The creative team behind this is huge with Matt Thompson (“Sealab 2021“) directing, Dave Callaham (“Godzilla,” “The Expendables“) writing, and Adam Reed (“Archer”) and Phil Lord and Chris Miller (you know who they are) among the producers. Damn.

I’d imagine that Tatum will just be the first in a series of big names who’ll join him, for yet another starry Netflix production. No word yet on a potential debut date, but let’s stay optimistic for 2018. On paper, this already sounds promising. [Deadline]