With Hugh Jackman swearing up and down that this time he’s for real done with playing Wolverine after “Logan,” it makes Ryan Reynolds‘ dreams of a Deadpool/Wolverine movie that much more distant. But perhaps this is the next best thing.

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The Wrap reports that Ryan Reynolds has filmed a cameo scene, helmed by “Deadpool 2” director David Leitch, for “Logan,” and it’s expected to be a post-credit sequence. And while fanboys will likely froth at the news, can we not have one superhero movie that doesn’t have to shoehorn in some kind of attachment to another franchise? With “Logan” pulling for a serious, R-rated experience, just knowing that Deadpool will pop up with some ironic commentary cools that vibe a bit. But that’s the way it goes these days, I guess. And it’s worth noting that the tone of “Logan,” based on the footage we’ve seen, is antithetical to the wacky fourth-wall tenor of “Deadpool,” so let’s hope they find some kind of balance.

“Logan” opens on March 3, 2017.

Update: Director James Mangold, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman all deny The Wrap’s report. Ouch. For now, the trade is sticking by their report.