Comic book fans will not be lacking in team-up programming this year. Of course, the big event is DC Films‘ “Justice League,” but on the small screen, Marvel‘s various Netflix series finally culminate in “The Defenders.”

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are united in the upcoming series, which will run eight episodes long. That will perhaps be good news for those who feel Marvel’s Netflix shows to date have dragged a bit running at thirteen episodes, but juggling that many characters with a shorter running time might be counterintuitive. But let’s hope the everyone involved found the narrative sweet spot.

“The Defenders” lands on Netflix on August 18th. [SplashReport]


  • Quiet Wyatt

    I feel like just about every Netflix series would be better served in the traditional 42-minute episode format. There’s so much exposition and long scenes of verbal pontificating that every series feels like a slog.