Michael Mann never stops fussing with his movies. Earlier this year, yet another cut of “Ali‘ hit Blu-ray, and this follows “Thief,” “Manhunter,” “The Last Of The Mohicans” and Blackhat all getting new cuts (though the latest version of the latter hasn’t yet hit home video, but it screened last year in New York). Now, Mann has (presumably) tinkered (again) with what many consider to be his masterpiece: “Heat.”

This spring, The Director’s Definitive Blu-ray Edition of “Heat” will hit store shelves. Boasting a new 4K remaster, the film will come packaged with a Q&A with the director and cast, including Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, recorded last fall, and moderated by Christopher Nolan, along with another Q&A with Mann at the Toronto International Film Festival. As for what changes have been made to the film, it’s not clear, but for the last Blu-ray release, Mann made some very minor alterations to the theatrical cut. So we’ll see what other edits he’s made in the interim.

“Heat” hits Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD on May 9th. [Blu-ray/One Perfect Shot]

  • radogado

    “Blackhat” new cut, please.