There’s a recent resurgence of films being brought back to life on TV, ranging from “Lethal Weapon” to “Fargo.” And now, “Jumper” is getting in the mix with director Doug Liman turning his 2008 film into a series.

YouTube Red will bring “Impulse” to its streaming platform. Based on the novel written by Steven Gould, who also penned “Jumper,” this new series will take place years after the original where the two heroes, played in the film adaptation by Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson, have a young daughter who inherits her father’s teleportation ability.

Sorry to disappoint those hardcore Hayden Christensen fans, but The Wrap says that the actor won’t be reprising his role in the upcoming series. However, Liman is returning to helm the pilot, which was written by “Lost” alum Jeff Lieber. YouTube Red, which is a monthly subscription service, has previously banked on financing series from their stable of YouTube stars. “Impulse” is the streaming service’s first major attempt to attract a more mainstream crowd.

No release date has been confirmed, but if “Impulse” gets picked up as a series, audiences should be able to see it sometime in 2017.