Twin Peaks” is going to be one of the biggest television events of the year, but if you’ve never seen the original series, or just need some catching up, don’t worry, Showtime will have you covered.

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If you’re not inclined to watch the Super Bowl, starting tonight, Showtime 2 will start airing back-to-back episodes of the first two seasons of “Twin Peaks” for what they’re dubbing Twin Peaks Sundays. And that’s not a bad way to cap off the weekend (or start your week), and it’ll get you primed for the return of the show on May 21st. So pour yourself some damn good coffee and get ready to binge.

02/15/17 Update: You know that “The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer” audio book coming out on Audible as read by Sheryl Lee (see the tweet above)? Here’s an excerpt.