In the ’60s, the art world took a decidely pop shift when Andy Warhol emerged and turned the contemporary scene on its head. But there was another artistic voice in New York City that resisted the push toward the shiny and material — Robert Cenedella. And the upcoming documentary “Art Bastard” details the life of the artist who has stood on the outside of the latest trends, and stuck to his singular vision.

Directed by Victor Kanefsky, the movie dives into the many facets — family secrets vs. personal identity, art vs. money, and conventional success vs. living by your own rules — that are at the core of Cenedella as both an artist and person, while diving into his personal history, and what has made him so essential on the New York City scene. And in this exclusive clip, we see an early glimpse of his rebellious spirit when he decides to take a stand of sorts agains the rising fame of Elvis Presley.

“Art Bastard” opens on June 3rd in NYC and June 17th in Los Angeles. Watch the clip above.

Art Bastard