While I’m not sure it counts a full scale revival, but in cities both big and small, pinball is making a comeback. New York City is home to several pinball bars, Portland has an active pinball scene, people in Montreal can throw hit the machines at North Star, while Ottawa is home to the awesome selection at House Of Targ. But for some, the passion for the game is fundamental to their personal lives.

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Directors Nathan Drillot and Jeff Petry shine the light on someone whose life has been changed by pinball in the documentary “Wizard Mode.” The film focuses Robert Emilio Gagno, who has been able to overcome the challenges of autism through pinball, as the picture tracks Robert as he looks to balance his dreams of becoming a world pinball champion with growing real world responsibilities. And in this clip from the film, Gagno hits New York City for the first time, with a tour by none other than indie rocker Mac DeMarco.

“Wizard Mode” is available starting today on VOD and iTunes.