Logan” is not your standard superhero movie, and in fact, it shakes off many off the tropes we’ve come to associate with the genre. James Mangold‘s film offers a despairing view of Wolverine, a broken man, who’s chasing his demons down the bottle, in a picture that often feels more like a western than your average blockbuster. It’s those qualities that make the film so unique, and the aim to do something different carried over to the score, with Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami (“3:10 To Yuma,” “The Hurt Locker“) meeting the challenge head-on.

“ ‘Logan’ was an extremely demanding but very inspiring film score to work on. Jim distilled the innovation of an indie within the framework of a tentpole,” Beltrami said.  “He played me scores he liked and which inspired the tone of the film for him — ‘Taxi Driver,’ ‘Paper Moon‘ (the film itself), ‘The Gauntlet.’ He liked the directness and rough edges, the unpolished tone, the energy. Somehow I had to capture this while simultaneously creating a modern score. It did not need grandiose thematic music and verbose melodic statements. It was all about vibe.”

That vibe is more than felt in our exclusive debut of “X-24,” which gives an edgy pulse to the young mutant that changes Wolverine’s life, and gives the aging superhero a renewed sense of hope.

“Logan” opens in theaters on March 3rd and the soundtrack will be available digitally the same day, and on CD on March 31st.

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