Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg is perhaps best known for blockbuster work, breaking out with “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and making his mark on pictures like “Deadpool,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” and “Point Break.” But he takes a different turn with the upcoming western “Brimstone,” offering a different sound than you might be used to from the composer, who is releasing the soundtrack under his given name.

Citing Bach as an influence, Holkenborg brings a more orchestral and classical touch to his work on “Brimstone,” which stars Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning, and tells the story of a frontier woman who is turned fugitive after being accused of a crime she didn’t commit, and is hunted by a vengeful preacher. And in our exclusive preview of “The Reverend,” you can hear Holkenborg’s evocative, atmospheric approach.

“Brimstone” hits theaters on March 10th and the soundtrack will be available the same day.