One of the most white-knuckle shows in TV history was “Breaking Bad,”and helping to get your heart to beat fast was Dave Porter. The composer provided the music for the iconic series, and continues his work in that world on “Better Call Saul.” And with the third season arriving soon, Madison Gate Records and Sony Classical are unveiling the official soundtrack containing cuts from across the first two seasons of the show.

Managing to be both gritty and lively, Porter’s work on “Better Call Saul” gives it a unique soundscape which allows it stand on its own, while staying connected to the series that spawned it.

“I’m excited to release my original score from the first two seasons of ‘Better Call Saul,’ which see the re-introduction of two characters beloved by ‘Breaking Bad fans,“ he said. “We get to meet Saul Goodman as Jimmy McGill long before his transformation to Saul and Mike Ehrmantraut long before he ever worked for Gus Fring. Completely remixed and remastered, the score is presented chronologically in order to follow their journey musically along with the show. Included are two pieces that I am most often asked about… the opening teaser from episode 208 and a new extended version of the ‘Better Call Saul’ end credits — which is itself derived from a song we created with country artist Junior Brown as a promotion for the show’s debut in 2015.”

Below, you can hear the exclusive cut “Ass Over Tea Kettle.” You can pre-order the album right now or purchase it digitally or on CD on April 7th. “Better Call Saul” returns on April 10th.

“Better Call Saul” Tracklist

1. Shared Smoke
2. Ass Over Tea Kettle
3. One Leg Each
4. Sex Robot Voice
5. Payphone Dilemma
6. Billboard Stunt
7. Chuck’s Theme
8. Elevator Exchange
9. One Last Grift
10. Jimmy’s Choice
11. Davis & Main
12. Pretend I’m Not Here
13. Deliberations
14. Magic Hands
15. Weary Mike
16. Border Crossing
17. Watching and Waiting
18. Reciprocating Saw
19. Three Movies Ahead
20. M40
21. Better Call Saul End Credits