After the third installment in 2014, the question was up in the air about what to do with “The Expendables” franchise, which, laughable as it may be, has earned over $800 million worldwide across three movies. One idea that was tossed around and didn’t really go anywhere was launching an event series on Fox, in which formerly famous TV stars would come together for a probably hokey adventure. Instead, it looks like we’re going to get yet another movie.

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THR reveals that “The Expendables 4” is gearing up, with the distribution rights starting to be sold, and a planned 2018 release on the table. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger are expected to return and that’s about all the details at the moment. No word on a director or which aging stars they’ll insure and get to join the movie. But presumably like the other entries, this will be shot in Bulgaria like the last two, to take advantage of some sweet tax breaks.

If there’s any star you want to see crack their bones and join the crew, let us know below.

  • Drock


  • Anoyster

    They messed up big time with the third movie, not that they ever fully got it right with any of the Expendables movies but the fanbase for the OG action stars was pissed with what they pulled the last time so it’ll be an uphill battle to get people on board for another one.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      You mean the only good? So messing up is doing everything right in your book? LMAO

  • The Great and Powerful Turtle

    I`d watch it…theres still a few action stars i`d like to see do their thing in the series Donnie Yen would be one, Kurt Russel,Danny Trejo and Jean Reno could be great… lot of fans have wanted Jackie Chan in them but even now he`s a very busy guy so getting him might be very hard..

  • Ryan

    Steven Segal, Hulk Hogan, Nicolas Cage, Kurt Russel, Danny Trejo, Jean Reno, Russell Crowe, Shah Rukh Khan, Pierce Brosnan, Kirk Douglas, Al Pacino, Tommy Lee Jones, Liam Neeson, Brendan Fraser, Val Kilmer. Good options for a few villains and Expendables in there.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Man I SO wanted Hogan and Piper to show up in this series…fuckin sly you waited to long. The ONLY good movie in this series was 3. 3 was fantastic and that’s the reason I’ll watch 4.