For quite a few years now, TriStar and The Jim Henson Co. have been trying to figure out a way back into the world of the 1986 box-office flop and subsequent cult fave “Labyrinth.” In 2014, it was reported that a spinoff was in the works, and then last year it was said the movie would actually be a sequel. Well, things have swung back to a spinoff, and a director has been found.

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Don’t Breathe” and “The Girl In The Spider’s Web” director Fede Alvarez continues his great relationship with Sony (who are involved with the two aforementioned pictures, and are home to TriStar) by signing up for the the “Labyrinth” project. He’ll be directing the film, with Jay Basu (“Monsters: Dark Continent,” ‘Spider’s Web’) writing the script, for a movie that will take place inside the universe of the original movie. Those are all the details being shared right now.

Before you crank up your outrage meter, you might want to save some of that energy, because the movie is still quite a long way off. Next on Alvarez’s plate is ‘Spider’s Web,’ which shoots this fall, after which he’ll turn to “Labyrinth,” but as we all know, a lot can change, and new projects could land on his desk. The project has been in the works for years, and it seems the goal is to get it right rather than rush anything, so we’ll see how this plays out. [Deadline]