Feud,” Ryan Murphy‘s latest television brainchild, has a simple-enough premise, with each season tracking the contentious relationship between a set of key characters. Season one will kick off soon with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon squaring off as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. FX is so pleased with concept, they’ve gone ahead and renewed the show, but the folks over at Netflix likely won’t be happy to hear what the next batch of episodes will be focusing on.

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The ten-episode second season will put Prince Charles and Princess Diana in focus, detailing their royal life and likely how it was complicated by Camilla Parker Bowles. And that’s not to mention Diana’s tragic death while being chased by paparazzi. It’s meaty stuff, and monarchy drama “The Crown” is planning to get to it, but not until the end of season 3, and more centrally in seasons 4 and 5, due to the decade-by-decade approach to detailing the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

It might seem like FX has trumped Netflix, but not quite. Working in favor of “The Crown” are more episodes with which to unfold the story, and an ability to go into the more nuanced corners of Charles and Diana that “Feud” might glide by. Again, there’s lot of story to tell, and “The Crown” will also be putting everything through the lens of Queen Elizabeth II. I would also expect the tones for each show to be wildly different, too.

“Feud” season 1 kicks off on March 5th. [Deadline]

  • LA2000

    Ryan Murphy’s shows age like a banana.

    “Feud” season 2 will be as fresh and topical as “Nip/Tuck” season 2 by the time “The Crown” gets around to this storyline.

    Not a problem.

    • jh

      Also, The Crown is a British show made by British people, and in particular by Peter Morgan, for whom dramatising the life of the British monarchy is basically his life’s work. You want to take on Peter Morgan at his own game, be my guest.

      • there is a scene in his screenplay for The Queen where Blair berates a staff member because they consider HRH cold after diana was murdered

        obvious to god the royals wanted her dead