It has been disappointing to say the least that Warner Bros’ legendary marketing department has fallen down on the job promoting “Wonder Woman.” One would think WB wants “Wonder Woman” to fail, if not for the fact the studio is trying everything within its power to make the DCEU an equal to the “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” with diminishing results. I just hope Warner Bros’ marketing executive who made the particularly dunderheaded decision for “Wonder Woman” to enter into a product placement with thinkThin nutrition bars, a female lifestyle brand that encourages girls to “think thin,” tarred and feathered.

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However, despite the truly mind-boggling advertising neglect and logic-defying product placement of “Wonder Woman,” the first clip of Princess Diana of Themyscira in action against some World War One goons is promising. “Wonder Woman” is less than a month away. Watch the clip and hopefully get the taste of distasteful nutrition bars out of your mouth.

  • MightyFooda

    They’ve spent more than they did on Suicide Squad, stop pushing a false narrative.

  • Yeah, the idea they’re slacking on Wonder Woman is nonsense. They’ve put out as many trailers and spent more money than they did on Suicide Squad. But you’re also forgetting that Wonder Woman doesn’t have the ton of negative buzz dragging it down, so WB doesn’t need to try and compensate for it. People are already excited.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      But dont you get it?
      Its never enough

      If this fails and nobody wants to see it it will be becasue the didn’t promote it, misogeny, fake news, russian hackers…

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Well at least they got a woman to direct it instead of another smart mouthed whitemale “feminist” like joss whedon

    Something rings false about joss whedon proud of himself and talking isht as the authority on feminism