Woody Allen is no J.J. Abrams —he’s never been known to furiously protect his secrets, such as making cast members and crew sign NDAs— yet details on his upcoming movies are always scarce. In fact, the title of his new Amazon series “Crisis In Six Scenes” was under wraps for months. But Entertainment Weekly has a first look at photos of the show, which amount to a kind of synopsis of the 1960s set series. Here’s how EW describes the show:

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Crisis focuses on a traditional suburban New York couple (Allen and Elaine May), their friend-of-the-family houseguest (John Magaro) and his fiancée (Rachel Brosnahan) who have their conservative beliefs challenged by a young hippie (Miley Cyrus) who’s caught up in the ’60s movement and inspired by radical communist leaders. It’s basically the story of people with very different backgrounds and ideas crossing paths and how someone can come in and make you question everything you’re doing.

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Apparently, much of the series is improvised, a nearly unprecedented move for a Woody Allen project, and there likely won’t be a second season either. Allen’s already discussed the difficulties of making a TV series (originally it was supposed to be six hours long) and seems to prefer the more familiar feature length form.

As the title suggests, “Crisis in Six Scenes” takes up six episodes, and each is only 30 minutes long; in fact, its described as a half-hour comedy, so we know it’s not Allen indulging his dark side. Go to EW to check out a few more photos.