We’ve already been given the first teaser for David Ayer‘s cops ‘n orcs movie “Bright,” which comes from the pen and mind of Max Landis (“Chronicle,” “American Ultra,” “Victor Frankenstein”). If you’re thinking it sounds exactly like the kind of original idea traditional Hollywood studios don’t go for anymore, you’d be right, because Netflix is bankrolling the film to the tune of $90 million. And it’s the ambition of the movie that appealed to Will Smith.

“I love how bizarre it is,” Smith told EW, who unveiled the new images from the movie. “I’ve been saying it’s ‘Training Day‘ — a gritty LA cop drama, the darkness and handheld grittiness — meets ‘Lord of the Rings.’ There’s orcs and fairies and elves, mean-ass elves.”

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That blend doesn’t exactly appeal to me, but if it’s big ideas and subtext you’re looking for, “Bright” will aim to deliver on that front as well. Paired up with Will Smith’s cop is his orc partner, played by Joel Edgerton, who is something of an outsider on the force.

“I’m getting ridiculed by other members of the police force. In their interpretation, I’m giving him a fair shot, and I should really just be trying to get him off of the force,” Smith said. “There’s a great scene where we’re sitting in the car, and the other police officers are beating up an orc. My character asks [Edgerton’s] the question, ‘Are you a cop first or an orc first? You need to decide.’ Juxtaposed against the imagery of him watching this orc being beaten by the police, I thought it was really cool.”

We’ll see if this wild mix of material works when “Bright” lands on Netflix in December.BRIGHT_Unit_16520r1 BRIGHT_Unit_02691r1 BRIGHT_Unit_20874_R

  • jh

    I’m pretty sure this is basically exactly the same as Alien Nation, but just with aliens replaced by orc and elves (thus making the metaphor that much less clear).

    • SlamAdams

      While Alien Nation was clearly about immigration, there are still minority classes generations removed from literal immigration or have nothing to do with race.