There are worse ways to break into Hollywood than by writing, starring, shooting, and editing a polyamorous love story with your real-life sister. That’s the lesson behind “I Love You Both,” the first film by Doug Archibald co-written (and co-staring) his sister Kristin. In the film, codependent twins Krystal and Donny have never had to lead separate lives, but their bond is severely tested when both find themselves attracted to the same man (“Raising Hope” star Lucas Neff).

In a 2016 interview with The New Current, Doug described the writing process as coming from the siblings’ shared experiences, including one time when they  “remembered that we liked the same guy in high school for one day it was an awkward experience.” The film is also coming off a successful festival run, with the Cinequest Film Festival honoring it with the New Vision Award in 2016.

Here’s the full plot synopsis for “I Love You Both”:

Twins, Krystal and Donny, have been codependent their entire lives, still living together in their late twenties in a converted one bedroom house. When they both meet and start dating the same guy, they remain in denial about the fact that they’re both dating him until he picks only one of them, forcing them to confront that they can no longer live the same life. With nowhere to turn for advice except each other and their only two friends-Linda, a former middle-school Tae Bo teacher, and their mother-the twins are finally forced to look for answers from within.

“I Love You Both” will be available in select theaters and VOD on June 9, 2017.