In 1988, Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey starred in “Beaches,” directed by the late Garry Marshall. While it didn’t light up the box office, it has gained a fairly large following because of the music performed by Midler, and for being a tearjerker as it portrays the decades-long friendship between two women. In January, Lifetime is hoping to introduce a new generation to the story as it premieres its “Beaches” remake, starring “Frozen” voice Idina Menzel and Nia Long.

In the new trailer, Lifetime isn’t holding back from trying to give viewers the “feels.” With Menzel’s new version of the classic “Wind Beneath My Wings” playing in the background, the footage in the trailer paints the picture of this long, sometimes tumultuous relationship between two friends CC and Hillary. CC, played by Menzel, is an actress and singer trying to make her way in Los Angeles, while Hillary, played by Long, follows more motherly pursuits.

While remakes are always a scary prospect for networks, with most not working as they hoped, Lifetime is banking on the star power of Menzel to bring viewers, along with the lure of nostalgia. Most intriguingly, the new “Beaches” is directed by veteran indie director Allison Anders, who has carved out quite a career on TV, helming episodes of “Turn,” “Proof,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “Southland,” and more. Other than the previously mentioned “Wind Beneath My Wings,” the remake will also bring back “The Glory of Love.”

“Beaches” premieres on Lifetime on January 21st.