While everyone is griping about the multiple “Avatar” movies that James Cameron is plotting, has anyone really been itching for fiveFantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” pictures? Well, Warner Bros. is hoping you’ll stay interested in the series, but here to poke a few holes into things are Screen Junkies and their Honest Trailer take on the first installment.

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The hot take here is that the source material that J.K. Rowling is mining for this new franchise is a bit thin, and as a first film, it’s…fine…but not exactly the most compelling start for new chapters in the “Harry Potter“-verse that brings the wizardry to America. From there, it gets into more nitpicks, but lets Dan Fogler off the hook for having really good Wacky Reaction Face. So grab your favorite Muggle, check out the video, and share you thoughts in the comments section.