Long live the road movie. While the independent film scene in Hollywood might be littered with stories about lovable losers who jump in their car as a way to find themselves, that does nothing diminish the appeal when a road movie is done right. The first trailer for actor Jeff Grace‘s directorial debut “Folk Hero & Funny Guy” leans into the gentle premise of two artists — one a struggling comedian, and one, well, a folk hero — who take to the road in an attempt to find themselves. We happened to catch the film at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, where our own Katie Walsh described it as “an amiable road movie powered by great music,” but one that also captures the “deeply felt, lived in emotions capturing the ups and downs of longterm friendships, the nervous spark of a new attraction, and the power of making amends.” Rooted deeply in the star power of Wyatt Russell (“Everybody Wants Some!!“) and Alex Karpovsky (“Inside Llewyn Davis“), “Folk Hero & Funny Guy” is a welcome counter for those tired of the noise and excess of the blockbuster movie season.

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Here’s the full synopsis for “Folk Hero & Funny Guy”:

Recently dumped by his fiancée and with a stagnating standup routine, aspiring comedian-slash-copywriter Paul is stuck. The manager of the club where he performs suggests he take some time off to update his comedy material, and in waltzes his childhood friend Jason Black, an acclaimed folk-rock musician about to embark on a solo acoustic tour of the east coast. Jason suggests Paul needs to get his mojo back — and he should start by opening for Jason on tour. They set off on the road together, picking up a new act on the way. But when Jason reveals an ulterior motive behind the tour, rifts are exposed in their otherwise affable camaraderie.

The film will hit select theaters and VOD services on May 12.