It’s not worth rehashing the ins and outs of the “Ghostbusters” reboot saga, but here goes… A small but very vocal and determined contingent of dorks who have held onto their Slimer lunchboxes well into adulthood were very upset that their favorite childhood movie was rebooted, with icky girls cast in the lead roles! So it was up to the movie to speak for itself, and sadly Paul Feig‘s effort with Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon didn’t quite cut it.

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Screen Junkies have given the Honest Trailer treatment to the flick, and they break down the problems with the movie, starting with the fact that “everyone plays comic relief at the same time.” As they note, each lead is given a quirky personality and comedy type, but no one plays an understated role or takes the Egon role, so to speak, resulting in an onslaught of gags but little chemistry between the team. But is “Ghostbusters” the absolute worst comedy ever? Nah. As Screen Junkies adds, if anything it proved that women can star in middling franchise products, just like men.

Check out the Honest Trailer and share you thoughts in the comments section.

  • suitablecustard

    “The Reboot Everyone Rushed To Judge Before They’d Even Seen It” – Oh, so you mean it’s basically just like every other reboot then?

    Wait, no, I’m forgetting about the distinction where it had a marketing campaign built around what the rest of us were supposed to view as a cabal of misogynistic boogeymen who couldn’t deal with women in lead roles and who were extremely vocal in telling everyone NOT to see it.

    Nothing conveys a more positive outlook for women better than a PR strategy that hinges on negativity.

    • James

      Still sore bro?

      • suitablecustard

        I never saw it, I never passed judgement on it and at no point in my comment left on this article do I convey how sore I am, bro.

  • poop.

    “Everybody plays the comic relief at the same time” it’s a fucking comedy movie! did y’all ever consider that?

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