Hollywood’s annual celebration of themselves arrives on Sunday with the Oscars, which will undoubtedly be a star-studded, glitzy, evening of hardware being handed out, braced by an array of political speeches. You might want to get the laughs in now, and luckily Screen Junkies takes an amusing overview of the Best Picture field in their latest Honest Trailers.

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From suggesting that Mel Gibson will inevitably torpedo his return to the spotlight to calling out “Arrival” for that scene with the Chinese general, this is a light-hearted look at the contenders. No one gets off scot-free from a little comedic jab, and even Donald Trump weighs in (sort of) on the movies hoping to take home the big prize. Give it a look and we’ll see you on Sunday.

  • Josh King

    Aha so consistently funny. Squid Words and Mel’s service in the Braveheart War got me lol

  • Tommy Dickie

    hilarious, love this. if anyone is looking for a similar style video: I dole out my awards for the best of the year in a 5 min video in which I recreate the clips of my 25 nominees! 30k views, & featured on Funny or Die: https://youtu.be/41Eb1j3XNV8