Many people dream of a vacation where you and your significant other are all alone with no stress. No loud crowds. No annoying traffic. Just a nice, quiet vacation. In the new trailer for the film “Bokeh,” the movie asks just how long you can enjoy the beautiful country of Iceland if you woke up one day and found out you were the only people left?

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In the film, Maika Monroe and Matt O’Leary star as an American couple that just spent their life savings on a trip to Iceland. After spending time soaking up the sights, the couple wakes up one morning to find that Reykjavík (and the rest of the island) has been completely abandoned. After some time enjoying their freedom, they begin to wonder why they’re the only ones left, and who (or what) is behind the mystery.

Monroe is fresh off of her starring roles in indie thriller “It Follows” and the disappointing big-budget “Independence Day: Resurgence.” O’Leary has yet to fully break out, but was seen in “Brick,” which was written and directed by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” helmer Rian Johnson. “Bokeh” is written and directed by newcomers Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan.

“Bokeh” will open in select theaters, iTunes, and On Demand on March 24th.