As we approach the end of 2016, it’s time to remember one of the year’s most controversial films: Paul Feig‘s remake/reboot of “Ghostbusters.” After months of hype, online hatred, and a disappointing box office total, the film is one of 2016’s most interesting stories. Well, just when you thought we were done talking about “Ghostbusters,” here we go again, this time with producer Ivan Reitman teasing some sequels.

In an interview with the “Mr. Wavy” podcast, the producer/director said, “There’s going to be many other ‘Ghostbusters’ movies, they’re just in development right now.” Of course, Sony has yet to speak out one way or another about any sequels, so this news by Reitman is the first hint that the studio hasn’t given up on the franchise. After the final box office tally of just about $230 million worldwide, “Ghostbusters” failed to live up to the large box office expectations the studio had for the movie even though many critics and fans were okay with the new direction. With a $150 million budget, many box office experts figured the movie would have to reach $500 million worldwide to be seriously considered for a sequel. It seems as if that was not the case.

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Obviously, Reitman could be hinting at a bunch of very different films. Audiences could be looking at another reboot similar to the long rumored Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum “Ghostbusters” film that was said to crossover with the most recent cast. Perhaps we could be finally getting “Ghostbusters 3” that fans have been clamoring for. Maybe Sony is just not ready to give up on the Melissa McCarthy-led cast. There’s also an animated movie in development too, though not much has been heard about that recently.

One thing is for sure, if Sony is serious about making “Ghostbusters” films, we can expect news in the near future. Studios don’t like these franchises lying dormant for long periods of time. [via Collider]