Remember how I said a couple of days ago that “Tron: Ascension,” the mooted sequel to “Tron: Legacy,” would probably never get made? Well, I was right. But I underestimated the power of The Brand because Disney is thinking about putting another quarter in the machine and getting back on the grid.

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THR reports that Jared Leto is circling a starring and producing role in a “Tron” reboot. Good lord. It’s all very early, it might not happen, and there’s not even a writer attached yet, but it seems Leto and his people are kicking the tires and having meetings with the mouse house, which is certainly surprising at any rate. If it happens, Leto would play the role of Ares, a character that was written for ‘Ascension,’ and the new movie will use the seeds of Joseph Kosinski‘s aborted film to build something new. So yeah, it looks like Kosinski has been handed his walking papers on this one.

No word yet on a director or what Leto’s method acting process will involve this time, but at least his potential cast mates can rest assured he won’t send them dead animals like he did when he was gearing to play Ed Hardy Joker in “Suicide Squad.”

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    Is it really necessary to be so harsh while reporting a simple news?