Much more so than its competitors, Amazon has established quite a clear brand identity. It’s not particularly concerned with being cool or edgy but instead focuses its attention principally on the sort of older crowds that tend to populate arthouse theaters and subscribe to HBO. Whether it’s their Woody Allen series, dad-faves “Bosch” and “The Man In The High Castle,” funding movies by people like Jim Jarmusch and Whit Stillman or making a TV show about an orchestra in New York, Amazon know where their bread is buttered.

And the show’s latest series commission backs up their early boomer/late Generation X targeting, but in a way that should be hard to refuse for younger generations. The Wrap report that the streaming service have teamed with Ron Howard’s Imagine Television for a new half-hour comedy that would star the impossible-to-resist pairing of Jeff Goldblum and Danny DeVito.

The pair will play an iconic music duo, Matt Downey (Goldblum) and Arlo Finkleman (De Vito), who hate each other’s guts but are forced to reunite for a tour. Hmm, echoes of Simon & Garfunkel much? The show’s created by veteran “Simpsons” writer Tim Long, with De Vito and his son Jake serving as executive producers too. We assume that this’ll go through Amazon’s usual pilot system rather than going straight-to-series like the Woody Allen show did, but with a central duo this appealing, we can’t imagine it not going to series eventually.