One of the many reasons we love Jessica Chastain is that she’s constantly doing new things. Ever since the busy 2011 that introduced, we’ve seen her vast range, from embodiment of maternal love in “The Tree Of Life” to comic relief in “The Help,” and she’s only continued to mix up ever since: in the last twelve months alone, we’ve seen her as a fearsome villainess in “Crimson Peak,” a compassionate space commander in “The Martian,” and an ass-kicking warrior in “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.”

But her next film, and the one that could put her into awards contention again, looks in some respects to be a return to past glories, playing a complex, potentially unlikable role in a movie tackling a hot-button issue, just as her last Oscar-nominated turn in “Zero Dark Thirty” did. And the first trailer has arrived, with EuropaCorp debuting the first clip for “Miss Sloane” this morning.

Chastain plays the title character, a ruthless Washington lobbyist, who makes it her mission to pass a difficult gun-control bill. Could we have the first movie for the Hillary years? Directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love,” “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”) and starring Chastain, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Stulbarg, Alison Pill, Jake Lacy, Sam Waterston and John Lithgow, “Miss Sloane” hits theaters everywhere on December 9. Watch the trailer below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.


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