As per usual, the internet was once again wrong about the casting for “Deadpool 2.” While reports surfaced a couple weeks back that Michael Shannon was the frontrunner to play Cable, with “Stranger Things” star David Harbour also in the mix (and overtures made to Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe), none of those names have landed the gig.

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Instead, it’s Josh Brolin who has emerged to play the key role in the sequel. The actor is no stranger to blockbusters, though his choices haven’t always been great (“Jonah Hex,” “Men In Black 3“); meanwhile he’s also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thanos. Worlds colliding! But this movie will at least offer him a chance to do more than sit in a chair (though I guess he’ll do a bit more in ‘Infinity War‘ too), and he’s optioned for four movies total, so expect him to stick around the “Deadpool” flicks for a while.

“Deadpool 2” shoots this summer, and while there’s no firm release date, it’s expected to open in 2018. [THR]