An A-list star going to TV? It’s no longer a big deal. If you’re an actor looking for material with some meat on the bone, that doesn’t require you to perform against a green screen, or spend every interview of a press today making sure you don’t reveal the secrets of [insert franchise], television is the place to be. Julia Roberts already knows this, having nabbed a role a couple years back in HBO‘s “The Normal Heart,” and is now set for another project that will bring her into everybody’s home.

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The actress will star in the adaptation Maria Semple‘s novel “Today Will Be Different,” which is being produced by Megan Ellison‘s Annapurna Television. Roberts will play Eleanor Flood, as she decides that today is the day to tackle the little things that she has been neglecting. Of course, life gets in the way of success as a fake-sick son, errant husband, and a former colleague with a bomb-dropping memoir derail her modest plan. Intriguingly, the narrative of the limited series will take place over the course of one day — so, I guess, the dramedy version of “24“?

It seems to be early days as no screenwriter or director has been revealed, but Roberts will surely attract a big-name filmmaker to collaborate with (she’s also producing the show). So mark down “Today Will Be Different” to keep an eye on in the weeks and months ahead.