Justin Tipping’s upcoming indie “Kicks” is one we’ll be eagerly anticipating this fall. Already boasting stellar cinematography and an intriguing plot, the film is adding a dynamic soundtrack to its list of selling points.

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“Kicks” follows 15-year-old Brandon, played by Jahking Guillory, who finds himself in the deep end as he hunts down his new, high-end sneakers after they’re stolen by a neighborhood gang. The soundtrack sports hip-hop tracks from classic artists such as Wu-Tang Clan and Mac Dre, as well as newer artists like Iamsu! and RJD2. Brian Reitzell, a veteran of film soundtracks from his extensive work with Sofia Coppola, contributes a number of songs, including “Kitchen Astronaut” featuring Guillory. The tracklist is rounded out by Bay Area singer-songwriter Marc E. Bassy and classic funk artist Charles Bradley, who has included one of his more recent tracks. The soundtrack should complement the film’s authentic look at masculinity, pop-culture, and coming-of-age in the inner city.

The “Kicks” soundtrack will be released September 9 on Back Lot Music, the same day the film hits theaters.

“Kicks” Soundtrack Tracklist
1.) Spaceship – Brian Reitzell
2.) Party and Bullshit (Dialogue Interlude 1) – Jahking Guillory
3.) Friends Hanging Out – Brian Reitzell
4.) The Sheboygan Left – RJD2
5.) C.R.E.A.M. – Wu-Tang Clan
6.) BBQ Music – Marc E. Bassy
7.) Kitchen Astronaut (feat. Jahking Guillory) – Brian Reitzell
8.) Self Made – Keith Jenkins
9.) Slow Trap – NanosauR
10.) Travel to Oakland – Brian Reitzell
11.) Sincerely Yours – Iamsu!
12.) 37 – Roach Gigz
13.) Hella Super High – YMTK
14.) Wave on $Wim – Dave Steezy
15.) Get Stupid (Remix) – Mac Dre
16.) Aye – Jay Casio
17.) In You (I Found a Love) – Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band
18.) Sideshow – Blue Magic
19.) Fireworks Went Off – Brian Reitzell
20.) Flaco Arrives – Brian Reitzell
21.) Flaco Chases Brandon – Brian Reitzell
22.) Party and Bullshit (Dialogue Interlude 2) – Jahking Guillory
23.) 606 in the 510 – Brian Reitzell