Earlier this year at Park City, buzz started to form around “Sleight,” a coming-of-age-tale mixed with magic. While you might not know the name of director J.D. Dillard just yet, with a development deal at Paramount and Bad Robot, there’s sure to be big things on his horizon, and this indie breakout could be his ticket to the future.

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Rising star Jacob Latimore (“Collateral Beauty,” Kathryn Bigelow‘s upcoming Detroit set film) takes the lead in this story about a young man, raising his sister on his own, who uses his gift for magic to sling drugs. But when he wants to leave the game, that’s when the trouble starts. Here’s the synopsis from the Sundance Film Festival:

When Bo, a handsome and gifted high school student, suddenly becomes the sole caretaker for his little sister, Tina, he foregoes college to dedicate his talents to the craft of magic. He wows audiences as a street magician but still has to make ends meet, so he cleverly uses his skills to peddle drugs for the local dealer, Angelo. However when Bo falls for Holly, an adorable teenager in need of support, he decides to get out of the drug business, causing Angelo to threaten his family. Bo must now rely on his sleight of hand and brilliant mind to save the day.

“Sleight” opens on April 7, 2017.