In a video for Vogue magazine, Margot Robbie gives viewers a glimpse into her daily beauty routine. Let’s just say that there’s something eerily familiar about it.

The clip, called “Australian Psycho,” is a shot for shot remake of the famous scene from Christian Bale’s performance in “American Psycho.” Throughout the two and a half minute clip, you watch Robbie give her checklist of products and rituals. From never washing her hair because “it basically cleans itself now” to putting on lotions for that “third-trimester glow without the cravings,” Robbie does her best Patrick Bateman performance. And guess what? It’s actually pretty great.

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Makes you wonder, with remakes abound, why not give Robbie a chance to step in Patrick Bateman’s shoes and show viewers just how crazy and psychopathic she can actually be. It would have to be better than Mila Kunis’ travesty, “American Psycho 2.”

(Ed: we just realized this actually dropped last year, but we only noticed it now, and it’s still pretty cool).