The British Film Institute has recently started their own podcast discussing the film industry, and they recently turned their attention to Martin Scorsese. In a two-part episode, the BFI Podcast plays clips from a previously unreleased interview with the director from 1987. It’s great listening to a relatively early interview with the legendary director discussing his influences.

The interview followed a special screening of three hand-selected films from the director, “Citizen Kane,” “8 1/2,” and finally, “Rocco and his Brothers.” Scorsese speaks about each film and the influence it had on his own art. “Citizen Kane,” for example, is the first time that Scorsese understood the impact of a director on a film. In addition to Scorsese talking about his career and influences, the BFI Podcast includes interviews with selected Scorsese collaborators like Robert De Niro and Paul Schrader discussing what it is like working for the director.

Sit back and listen to both parts below.