The last time we saw Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway together on the big screen, they were gearing up for a space date or something at the end of “Interstellar.” And now they’ve got a new project that will bring them back together, and while the name might make you think of Joss Whedon‘s big screen version of his beloved sci-fi “Firefly,” the actors have something much more Earth-bound in mind.

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The pair will reteam for “Serenity,” which comes from the pen of Steven Knight, who’s had an interesting string of recent projects (“Taboo,” “Locke,” “Allied“). The movie has an interesting premise, following a fishing boat captain who experiences a “new reality” when he winds up on a small island in the Caribbean. Presumably that reality involves Hathaway, but it sounds like there’s a supernatural element at play.

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We’ll find out soon enough as Knight will be directing, and production is gearing up to start this summer. So keep an eye on the festival circuit next year for this one, unless a major studio steps in, which given the star power involved, wouldn’t be a surprise. Though, with McConaughey’s track record of late (“Gold,” “The Sea Of Trees,” “Free State Of Jones“) perhaps some executives will take a wait and see approach. [Deadline]