So when your movie is not an Oscar contender and you can’t use the awards season to push ticket sales, what do you do? Well, if you’re The Weinstein Company, you bank on Matthew McConaughey‘s butt.

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Yep, the actor’s ass gets a moment in the new red-band trailer for “Gold,” which, aside from bare buttocks and some swears, isn’t all that racy. The film tells a familiar story of a man who builds a fortune and flies too close to the sun, only in the case, it’s based on a true story. Here’s the official synopsis:

GOLD is the epic tale of one man’s pursuit of the American dream, to discover gold. Starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells, a prospector desperate for a lucky break, he teams up with a similarly eager geologist and sets off on an amazing journey to find gold in the uncharted jungle of Indonesia. Getting the gold was hard, but keeping it would be even harder, sparking an adventure through the most powerful boardrooms of Wall Street.

Co-starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Edgar Ramirez, “Gold” opens on January 27th.

  • SoUnderwhelmed

    Wasn’t there a studio axiom that if McConaughey took off his shirt in a romcom, it grossed 20% more? Well Magic Mike XXL grossed $50m less than Magic Mike. So can we deduce that McConaughey’s celebrated bubble butt is worth $50m?

  • He used to look a lot better !!