The nice thing about the semi-anthology approach to “Fargo” is that you can dive into each new season without having watched the previous one. And that’s good news for someone like me, who didn’t really take to season one, but really liked the casting for the second season, but still haven’t found the time to watch it. Well, I better get cracking because season three is coming, and it has a terrific ensemble.

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Ewan McGregor takes on dual lead roles, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Shea Whigham, David Thewlis, Thomas Mann, Scoot McNairy, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jim Gaffigan, Hamish Linklater and more joining in, with “The Leftovers” star Carrie Coon taking on sheriff duties. Yep, we’re in. And this new teaser for season three — the first to feature some actual footage — we see an almost unrecognizable McGregor along with Winstead, crossing paths with Coon.

“Fargo” returns to FX on April 19th.

  • John W

    Can’t wait for this.